Monday, February 16, 2009


A big storm (or series thereof) has been lingering since Friday. Power was knocked out intermittently all weekend. It's much worse today. I had a little bout with hydroplaning on my way to work. I'm going to try to leave early and get home before the country roads get totally impassable. I could always take the freeway since traffic is holiday light today.

If the power goes out during bad weather, I'm pretty much fucked when it comes to cooking. We have an electric stove. It's on the list of things to take care of. It should be easy enough to run a gas line into the kitchen since the gas water heater is directly on the other side of the wall from the stove.

I have do have two grills, one propane and one charcoal. I really don't feel like hunkering over either of them trying too cook in high winds and rain, though.

Power outages also suck because they cause our gates lock open for safety purposes. That tends to make for a restless night.

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