Thursday, February 19, 2009

California's Budget

So the republicans in the state senate caved and voted for the tax hikes. Another reason I'm not sad to have left the party last year. At least it wasn't my senator that cast the final "aye."

$12 billion dollars in tax increases from a 1% increase in state sales tax (going to be 8.25% for me, now), increase in vehicle registration fees and a surcharge on state income tax. How the fuck can the state impose a surcharge on income tax?

To top it all off, I still haven't received my state tax refund or my I.O.U. I did get my federal refund, though. A chunk of that is going for a Mossberg 500/590 to supplement the old 28" Savage Shotgun and/or a Glock 30 SF. The immediacy of the Glock 30 purchase depends on whether or not the state is going to resume sending welfare checks.

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