Friday, February 27, 2009

Call it what it is

Of course the main stream media isn't labeling what the Obama administration is doing correctly. No surprise there.

The GOP and all their radio shills are calling it socialism. That's close, but it's still not what it is.

I still haven't caught any libertarians calling it what it is.

It's national socialism, plain and clear.

From Wikipedia:
The term "National Socialism" derives from this citizen-nation relationship, whereby the term socialism is invoked and is meant to be realized through the common duty of the individuals to the German people; all actions are to be in service of the Reich. The Nazis stated that their goal was to bring forth a nation-state as the locus and embodiment of the people’s collective will, bound by the Volksgemeinschaft, as both an ideal and an operating instrument. In comparison, traditional socialist ideologies oppose the idea of nations.
Doesn't this sound like Obama's whole "national service" platform?

Also, under Nazism the State controls the capital. Under Hitler, the State owned some companies and industries (Volkswagen, for example) but simply directed others. The State is taking control (or at least controlling shares) of several banks and directing other companies (GM, Chrysler and Ford) with the whole carrot and stick scheme of bailout money attached to strings.

If you haven't already watched "Overview of America" by the John Birch Society, it's embedded below. There's a very good description of various forms of government.

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